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Package com.splicemachine.derby.vti

Package for Splice VTI background.

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Package com.splicemachine.derby.vti Description

Package for Splice VTI background. Splice's VTI matches derby except for the expectation that each VTIFunction implement DatasetProvider.
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We support both derby style and non-derby style (in line code) functions. Here is an example of a derby style implementation. create function JDBCTableVTI(conn varchar(32672), s varchar(1024), t varchar(1024)) returns table ( name varchar(56), id bigint, salary numeric(9,2), ranking int ) language java parameter style SPLICE_JDBC_RESULT_SET no sql external name 'com.splicemachine.derby.vti.SpliceJDBCVTI.getJDBCTableVTI'"; The VTIOperation expects SpliceJDBCVTI to implement DatasetProvider Here is an example of a non-derby style vti (dynamic) select * from new com.splicemachine.derby.vti.SpliceFileVTI( '/Users/jleach/Documents/workspace/spliceengine/cdh5.4.1/splice_machine_test/src/test/test-data/’,’’,’,’) as b (c1 varchar(128), c2 varchar(128) , c3 varchar(128), c4 varchar(128), c5 varchar(128), c6 varchar(128)), com.splicemachine.derby.vti.iapi
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